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FrancexReader- The Little Mermaid Part 1
Based on- "The Little Mermaid" by Vocaloid
"When you turn fifteen you can swim to the surface."
Your mother's words ran through your mind as you talked to your sisters, Kat and Natalia. Tomorrow was your fifteenth birthday and you were telling your sisters about your plan to swim to the surface. They looked at you like you were crazy, and you couldn't blame them, because when other mermaids turn fifteen, they usually stay at the bottom of the sea, not taking their chances at the surface.
After the initial shock Natalia asked," Why on earth would you want to swim up there, when you can stay down here and sing with us?" Kat nodded in agreement and added," What's there to see anyway?"
You sighed, and said," I'm just curious what the surface is like, and besides, I know to stay away from ships, humans, and anything manmade." Your sisters were about to argue with you more untill they saw the excited gleam in your(e/c) eyes. They looked at eachother and sighed.
Kat put a hand on your shoulder and said," I guess we can't stop you, but will you at least sing with us tonight, just in case something happens?" You smiled, happy your sisters agreed with your plans, and nodded saying," Of course I'll sing with you." Then you and your sisters began singing a sweet melody that only mermaids know.
The next day you were swimming circles around your sisters, cheering happily, as you were about to swim to the surface. You hugged your sisters one last time as you happily swam up toward the surface, with Kat and Natalia yelling,"Good Luck, Sis!" and,"Comeback safely!"
As you got closer to the surface you halted, your(h/l)(h/c) hair swaying with the sudden stop. You could see storm clouds churning the water, and even under water you could here the harsh winds blowing. You cursed, realizing the one chance you had to see the world above the sea, was ruined by a storm. You were having a mental battle with yourself on whether or not you should wait out the storm or swim back to the bottom of the sea. You were still fighting with yourself when you saw a ship float above you.
Your face fell at the thought of those who were on the ship, because even though you didn't trust humans too much, you hated seeing any creature in trouble. You had to float down, away from the ship as debris started to fall into the sea. You watched as different items fell from the ship ranging from boxes, barrels, boy, rope, clo...wait...boy? Your gaze fell on a boy, who appeared to be around your age, as he sank further into the sea. It took you a moment to realize the boy was unconscious, and another moment to remember that humans couldn't breathe underwater. At this realization you raced to the boy's side, wrapped your arms around his waist, and you swam as fast as your (f/c) tail could move.
As you broke the surface, you made sure to keep the boy's head above water. You searched frantically for the ship, but the waves kept crashing into you, making it impossible to see clearly. You kept floating, looking for anything to hold onto, and soon you spotted a rock sticking out of the water. You swam against the waves as best you could considering you had to focus on both swimming and keeping the boy's head above water. You finally reached the rock and did your best to get the boy on top of it. After he was on the rock, you slumped against the it, knowing that after the storm ended, you had to get the boy to land, so you waited for the storm to pass.
The storm finally ended and you pulled yourself onto the rock, to get a better view of your surroundings. In the distance you saw the edge of land, and you smiled, relieved that you had somewhere to take the boy. Your gaze fell on the boy again, and you got a good look at him, since you didn't have a chance during the storm. You were shocked at how handsome the boy was with blonde, shoulder length hair and a nicely built body. Your heart began to beat faster and your cheeks heated up as you thought,'Is this what love feels like?' You didn't think about it too long as you fell into the water, dragging the boy with you. You floated for a second to make sure the boy's head was above water, and you started to swim towards the land.
After about an hour or so of swimming you reached a beach, and you got as close as you could and set the boy on the sand. You looked at the sky and realized you had been gone too long, and your sisters would start to worry, but at the moment you didn't care. You wanted to wait for the boy to either wake up or someone to come and find him. You saw a castle in the distance and thought of a way to attract someone's attention. Remembering how loud mermaid's could sing you began to sing a loud tune, hoping someone from the castle would get curious enough to search for you.
--France's P.O.V--
My head hurt like nobody's business and my throat and nose felt raw, like I swallowed a barrel full of salt water(a/n- swallowing salt water makes your throat hurt alot, and I don't suggest you try it.) I was too tired to open my eyes, or care where I was, so I lay there ready to pass out again. That is, untill I heard the most beautiful voice singing a loud melody. I wanted to open my eyes and see the owner of the voice, but I was too weak, and I slipped back into unconciousness.
--Your P.O.V.--
You sang for a good ten minutes before you finally heard footsteps coming closer. You stopped singing and immediately hid behind a rock. You peeked around the corner of the rock and saw a girl with long, brown hair and green eyes walk along a path leading to the beach You heard her say," I wonder who was singing, their voice was so beautiful." You smiled at the compliment, and then you heard the girl gasp. You looked around the corner again and saw the girl running to the boy's side. She grabbed his hand and shouted," Francis! What happened to you?" You thought about what she said,' So his name is Francis' then you looked back in time to see the boy sit up, with the help of the girl, and open his eyes. You gasped, he had the most beautiful cerulean colored eyes.
You felt yourself blush and your heart rate pick up speed. You felt like you could stare at his eyes for hours and you thought,' Yeah, I am definitely in love.' You saw Francis stand up with the help of the girl, and you blushed as you heard him ask," Where's the girl who was singing?" Your blush grew ten fold as you heard his wonderful accent for the first time, and there was the fact that he heard you singing. The girl said," I don't know, she was gone when I got here, but we can worry about that later, for now we have to get you to a nurse." Francis nodded slowly and let the girl pull him up onto the path, but not before he turned around one last time. His gaze fell on you and you immediately dove underwater.
--France's P.O.V--
I could have sworn I saw a girl floating in the water, but as I looked closer I realized no one was there, and I shook my head sadly. I turned around and let Elizaveta lead me to the castle. I didn't remember how I ended up on the beach, the last thing I remember is the horrible storm and getting knocked off the ship. I did have a dream I was being carried by a mermaid with (h/l)(h/c), beautiful(e/c) eyes filled with worry, and a long tail covered in (f/c) scales. Of course that would be too good to be true, although it would explain the mysterious singing Elizaveta and I heard, but mermaids never come near humans, so it was impossible. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Elizabeta pulled my hand, telling me to speed up. I didn't know if I was hurt or not but I did know that I was going back to the beach as soon as possible.
--Your P.O.V--
You floated for a second and poked your head up slowly. You saw him shake his head as he allowed the girl to pull him along.Once he was gone you started swimming home, extremely excited to tell your sisters what happened, forgetting the fact that you'd been gone too long. It was a long way home and the whole way you couldn't get Francis out of your head. 'I have to see him again, I want to talk to him and have him care about me, I want-' your train of thought stopped as you looked down at you tail. You realized you couldn't do anything with him as long as you had a tail instead of legs. 'There has to be a way' you would have to talk to your sisters about your problem. You knew they would need convincing but you didn't care, you had to see Francis again, no matter what.
Wow...this was longer then I thought it would be...oh well! The idea for this story is based off of "The Little Mermaid" by Vocaloid.

Ok, so I put this in my scrapbook awhile ago, because I didn't plan on finishing it, but I've been thinking I just might finish it. So, if you think I should continue with this story please leave it in the comments.

Btw, this is one of my first stories, so it might not be all that good ^^'
Anyway, please comment and favorite this, and thanks for reading! :D

Link to song:… (if you don't want the story ruined, don't actually watch the video, just listen to the song)

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